Friday, August 31, 2012

The 'Just Married, Please Excuse' Contest

So with so much buzz going around with Yashodra Lal contest, I am also trying to participate to win one of the book, which is difficult for me to procure as I am so away from Delhi. hence all the bloggers who are eyeing the delicious food at Mamagoto, I am not going to compete with you.

So this incident happened around 1.5 months after our marriage. It was January in North India.
We had been having daily night sessions of gossip and chai with all the cousins, and retreated very late into our rooms. One night, while I was still chatting with H's cousin, he decided to go and have a sleep early. Not wanted to be embarrassed by following him immediately as shy, coy newly wed, I held on my own for some more time and went up to room maybe half an hour later.

We were on first floor of our home, where along with our room, was another unoccupied room as well. I tried door to my room anticipating H eagerly waiting for me to join. But there he was sleeping like Kumbhkaran, and also the door was locked from inside. I was now apprehensive whether to knock it with force, shout, what to do. Everybody had slept till then and I was the lone stalker at night.

And as north India is very cold during January, I just went into unoccupied room and waited for H to come out and rescue me. There was a lone mattress in that room with which I covered myself.

And H came out at around 4 in the morning and I was in half -sleep, and I went up to the room, and he was amazed to see me, like where the hell did you come from.
I was angry with him, but seeing his face, that he really thought I am sleeping with his cousins, I was melted by his innocence, and naivety.

Still H is same naive..and like that only assuming things and forgetting me, his wife, and let me figure out things on myself.

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